@medveten_i_stan - Greenfluencer - Annika Sundin

@aware_i_stan - Greenfluencer - Annika Sundin

We at re-adventure want to highlight people who, just like us, contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. One person who works with this very thing is the green influencer Annika Sundin, who inspires consciously sustainable choices on the inspiration account @svævden_i_stan Here we get to share the background of why Annika started the account, how she views sustainability in general. Follow her for tips and advice on how we can all become more sustainable in a simple way. No one can do everything, together we become both stronger and smarter.

Tell me about the background of your account @mvævden_i_stan!

-I started the account partly because I realized that many people have not yet discovered how wonderful, important, simple and cheap it is to live sustainably and partly because I went completely crazy at how slow the transition is in general. I wanted to contribute! The idea of ​​spreading sustainable inspiration had been there for a long time, but I didn't really know how. But then I woke up one morning and felt a conviction to drive - and then I did. That's exactly what we're going to do. Act!

What is the goal of the account?

-To inspire new choices. The goal is to get more people to wake up and take their own steps. We all start somewhere, we have made different changes and have come different far. When we inspire each other, new worlds open up and we hopefully want to change when we see all the benefits. It is our common place to live and it is all our actions together that bring results.

Which sustainability issues do you pursue?

-Can I say all? I look at sustainability holistically. Everything fits together and I can't pick out a specific part. For me, sustainability is both about taking care of yourself, others and our common planet. We start somewhere, take one step and another. But for me it is important to start with myself. Otherwise I don't have the strength to bring others with me.

Do you have a job on the side of the account?

-Yes, I am my own entrepreneur, specialized in sustainability and change communication.

Was it quick to get a lot of followers?

-I started in 2019 and have fought long and hard. I have grown organically and that is easier said than done these days. This is my calling and I have a never-ending energy, so I keep fighting. The important thing is not the number of followers, the important thing is to inspire and really influence so that we become many who want a more sustainable lifestyle. But it's clear - if I reach out to more people, I can hopefully influence even more.

Do you have to be perfect to have a sustainable lifestyle?

-The answer is no! No one can do everything and no one is perfect. We should not be a few who are perfect, we should be many who adjust and do enough. What we want is progress, not perfection. We can all make an impact and every choice counts. But having said that, we can't hide behind "I sort garbage". We can do better than that. And there are many of us who can do much better than that! We just have to dare to show it and inspire others. So let go jante and show all the good things you do!

Can you tell us a little about how "sustainable" your everyday life is?

-I am as durable as I can be, using what I already have, or buying second hand. Circulates instead of piling up. Exchange, rent and borrow. Uses the wallet as a weapon and chooses sustainable products and companies. Buys green electricity and has my pension and savings money in sustainable phones. I reduce my food waste by buying the right amount of food, prioritizing locally produced and organic. Eat more and more greens and in season. Choose natural cleaning and body products. Fly minimally, cycle and drive an electric car.There's only so much we can change And every choice counts. That we change our own habits is cruel! But when we get more people on board, that's when we make a real difference. So I work on that a lot.

What do you dream about?

-That it will be easy to do the right thing for us consumers, that the politicians wake up now, act for real and stop talking. That the companies that have not switched to circular business models will be obliged to change as soon as possible. That technology development is going at a furious pace so that we can clean up the oceans and travel without affecting the environment. Also that influencers as we know them today become green influencers and are involved and influence for a better life. I want to be able to hand over a healthy planet to children and grandchildren and future generations.

Finally, what do you think we at Re-adventure can do better?

-I have long predicted that pre-loved stores like yours will take place on the fine street. And see! Now you are there. It is fantastic. I really like what you do and am of course a customer. You have clear information in the store linked to sustainability, nice display and carefully selected assortment. Appreciate that you are both online and in person. As you can hear, I'm a fan! The concept itself is good as it is, but you need to market yourself harder. Everyone needs to know you exist!



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