Är du en cirkulent eller konsument?

Are you a circulator or consumer?

In December 2020, the Language Council launched the word "circulent". Easy to say but what does it really stand for? Check out the statements below and think about which statements best suit you. Who are you?                                                      

  • Owners of gadgets or users of gadgets?
  • A lot of junk or no junk?
  • High climate footprint or low climate footprint?
  • Value quantity or quality?
  • Impulse purchases or thoughtful purchases?
  • Desire-driven or need-driven?

If you have the most yes in the first part of each statement, you are probably a traditional consumer, if you have the most yes in the second part, you can call yourself a circulent.

A circulent is more a user than an owner of gadgets and often has the ambition to optimize its use during its lifetime. It is a person with a lifestyle where there is always a long-term and qualitative thought when purchasing a new item.

A circulent buys second hand, alternatively rents instead of buying and tries to fix what is broken. The primary behavior is to not always buy new.

Take care of your stuff

  • In order for our clothes and gadgets to last a long time, we need to take care of them.
  • Clothes that have a long lifespan can fill more people's needs and reduce the need to produce new stuff.


  • A recycled garment is much better than a garment lying around gathering dust, because new products can be produced from recycled material.
re-adventure wants to contribute by:     
  • Make other people's stuff more accessible.
  • We want to give more people the opportunity to make sure that the clothes experience new adventures instead of buying new ones all the time.
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Tip of the week: 
  • You don't own a gadget - you take care of it for the next user.
  • We dare to say that the consumption of the future is circular.

 Together we get smarter.

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